How do I install custom content/downloads?

Follow the Download links on Spring4Sims and install your files:

  • for The Sims 2, look here or here,
  • if you have The Sims 3, look here.

Help! I click the download link and it doesn’t work!

First off, chill out and take a deep breath! Okay, are you still here? Great.┬áIf you find a link that “isn’t working”, it may mean one of these things:

  • The creator has decided to remove the content.
  • The site no longer exists and the content it no more available.
  • There is a temporary server error and the site can’t be loaded. Try later.

Please, don’t ask me to reupload the content — I don’t have it! If you can still access the site, but the actual download link isn’t working etc., ask the original creator to reupload.

Why don’t you just delete or update the links that don’t work?

I have three reasons for that:

  1. I don’t have time for that.
  2. Even if it’s not available anymore, it’s a good thing to keep the posts as a showcase for my visitors.
  3. The more posts, the better Google indexes me.

What is Spring4Sims?

Spring4Sims a blog where you can find the latest finds — links to free The Sims 3 and The Sims 2 downloads, news about The Sims games (new releases, teasers etc.), but also my personal entries including pictures and stories from my game. This blog is updated daily to keep you informed and make it easier for you to download high-quality custom content for your Sims. My site is absolutely free to everyone, but I accept donations.