Contemporary Vacation House for The Sims 4 by Sims 4 Houses

The total price of this Sims 4 house is §122,000 simoleons and it uses a 30 x 20 lot area. It’s fully furnished and includes every necessary appliances and furniture.

Each custom content (CC) required for this house are already included in the download pack. It is built using the following game pack: Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work, Cool Kitchen, and Spa Day.

Lot Installation
You must install the custom content items before placing the house on a lot. All .package files located inside the CC folder should be place in the Mods folder, while the house files (.blueprint, .bpi, .trayitem) must be copied in the Tray folder.

You also need to have the MoveObjects on script. To install the MoveObjects On script, simply copy “” into the Mods folder. Do not extract or unzip. To enable,  go to game options > other > and check the Script Mod box and restart TS4. It’s enabled by default but you can use the command “tm.moveobjects on or off”.

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