Bringing Back the Husband of Agnes Crumplebottom, Erik Darling

Agnes Crumplebottom is one of the dark, troubled Sims living in Sunset Valley. She’s the sister of Cornelia Goth (Mortimer Goth’s aunt) and in The Sims: Hot Date, she’s the all-famour Miss Crumplebottom. I don’t think I need to introduce her any further; she’s always anxious and angry, mostly for the death of her husband Erik Darling, who drowned on their honeymoon. He’s buried in the house they lived together, so now he scares everyone on the lot.

I’ve decided to bring Erik Darling back to life because I felt a little bad for Agnes. I thought she deserved better. So, I boosted up her cooking skill, fishing skill, bought the recipe for Ambrosia and decided to cook it for her ghost-husband.

The trouble is that I can’t put him back in the family. When he turned back to normal, I hoped he would move in. Didn’t happen. Testingcheats won’t work, either: when enabled, I SHIFT-click on him, but for some reason I never get the “Add Sim to Family” option. It’s really frustrating since I wanted them to live together and have a baby or two. They can still have babies, but it seems like he became some sort of special NPC that doesn’t live anywhere.

Is there anything to do about this? I’d like to know any possible options I have. If you know any, let me know. Thanks!

EDIT: Damn I don’t know what I’ve been thinking of when I was writing all this… but yeah, she can still marry him. I think I’ll just have to work on their relationship. 🙂

First of all, Agnes needed to seduce Erik.

Then she cooked him a very special dinner. Ambrosia, of course. Took tens of hours to prepare it. Bon appétit!

Here comes the magic.

Finally, she kisses her husband for real. In case you’re wondering why he’s wearing a tank, shorts and flip-flops, it’s  because he died from drowning on their honeymoon. How sad! (His ghost was also blue.)

Ohh, I need something to eat! Hmm, A positive, my favorite! 🙂

Since Agyness doesn’t need to stalk her ghost-husband at night anymore, it didn’t make sense to be a vampire.

Now let’s get back to work, shall we?