Asian Blend Skintones by needlecream

Needlecream must be doing something wonderful with these skintones. I think it’s the first time in past nine years I’ve become to like custom skintones. And I’ve seen a lot of them, really… These come in six wonderful colors, you can see them on Sims after you click the Download link below. Download link

Oepu Blend Skintones by needlecream

I couldn’t care less for blends or new makeovers of skintones, because honestly–I never see the difference. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I think skintones are useless, but since I’ve never used more than one or two custom skintones, I just don’t see the madness behind it. However, there’s something about needlecream’s skintones… Continue reading Oepu Blend Skintones by needlecream

The “Cakey” Skintones by mouseyblue

I love baking cakes, don’t you? Creating Sims is like baking cakes… sort of. You just create something new, something that has a great character behind. (Some of you probably know what I mean.) Oh and these skintones are just so perfect for baking your new Sims. They have this cakey accent in them–they’re even… Continue reading The “Cakey” Skintones by mouseyblue