The Crumplebottoms: No More Lonely

Agyness Crumplebottom is one scary Sim to many. Especially when she tells the ghost stories after dark, but now she has a good reason and it’s not because she’s just scary, but because she has someone to tell them to.

She wanted to live a new life after the death of her husband, but it was nearly impossible until she finally decided to bring him back.

She joined the investigator career with a lot of taunting from her friends. How could she even imagine doing such a job? She’s been home all these years, alone and with nothing better to do than watching the sun fall down behind the ocean from the terrace of her mid-century house.

The answer was simple: she desired to have her husband back and meant to find a way to do it. It wasn’t an easy task. Her blonde hair was turning silver with days and nights trying to find a Death Fish. And how about Ambrosia, the food of Gods and Life, could it be real?

It was. She cooked the meal with the earnest despair and when it was done, she almost fainted from exhaustion. Then the ghost came at night and ate the wonderful dish. She looked at him, changing from dead into human, but then ran away as if they never met before.

Agyness was lonely again.

It was until the day a small boy came to her door and said: “I’m looking for my mum. Do you know where I can find her?”

She knew very well.

He came in and lived with her like the son she wanted all those years and like the husband she yearned ever since he left her in this pointless world where the sun only sets and never rises. But that night it rose high with the moon and suddenly, there was a lot of light in her old house.

She kissed her son good night and closed her eyes, worried he might disappear when she opens them again.

The Crumplebottoms: No More Lonely

But in the morning, he was still there just as she left him.

The Crumplebottoms: No More Lonely

With all that pretty stuff around him, he just wanted to know if he could be the next prince of Sunset Valley…

The Crumplebottoms: No More Lonely

… but it seemed unlikely. A prince can’t rule the kingdom alone. He needs a princess.

The Crumplebottoms: No More Lonely

So, who was that beautiful Bella anyway?

The Crumplebottoms: No More Lonely

There was no time to lose. Thomas knew a Prince Charming never hasitates…

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