The Sims 3 Pets: Ice-Cream Truck with Bunny

The Sims 3 Pets: Ice-Cream Truck with Bunny

Guys, I’m sure you’ve noticed the ice-truck in the last The Sims 3 Pets trailer, but can you see that cute pink bunny? It’s just too cute to be an ice-cream!

Two side notes: The novel I’ve written a few weeks ago (now I’m editing) is about a girl who, besides other things, eats ice-cream for breakfast every day. For some reason, it made me smile–I should create her in the game and give her a little treat, don’t you think?

Also, this reminds me I had ice-cream only twice this summer. I’ve been trying to eat healthy for the past few months, but I think it’s time to shake things up at least once. I can already see that tiramisu Carte d’Or in my hands! 😛

Oh, and I found this game preview at Platinum Simmers. What else do we get? Good and bad unicorns, carrots as a new seed / vegetable (yay, cute!) and random name generator in Create a Pet (not available for CAS, why?). BTW will there be bunnies in the game, too? Because I would really love to have them included between those 12 new small animals like lizards… we’ll see.

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