Just a quick link for you: SimGuruSemedi has made a post a while ago at the official formus about the defference between TS3 Pets basic and limited edition. Both will have the same price, but the limited edition will have:

  • A pre-built Pet Store lot that you can place in any Sims 3 world.
  • A cash register that enables you to set a community lot in your world to the Pet Store venue type, allowing you to build your own Pet Stores.
  • A number of bonus objects that we look forward to talking more about in the future.

Also, what is interesting is this:

Q: When can I expect to know if the Limited Edition is for sale in my region?
A: Stay tuned for future announcements as we work with our retail partners to bring the Limited Edition to more regions. If you preorder and the Limited Edition is offered by that retailer at a later date, you will automatically be switched to the Limited Edition.

Hope you found this helpful. I’m looking forward to grab that limited edition, of course! 😉

TS3 Pets: The Difference Between the Basic & Limited Edition

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