I have to confess: I’ve been playing The Sims 3 without custom content for the last couple of months. Actually, I think ever since I installed Late Night (oh gosh, it’s been so long?!) and I have to say I miss it, even though I admit it has a few advantages. Here are some thoughts on playing without custom content.

When I stopped using custom content, I remember it was a huge shock for me, because the game felt so empty. It’s true that it’s quite simple right now, but it made me realize how much good in-game content there actually is. EA has been adding a lot of quality objects in the latest EPs and SPs, have you noticed?

Also, the game runs much smoother right now. Even though I used to merge all my .Sims3Packs, there’s a big difference. The same thing goes for loading time–it’s much quicker!

What sucks is that sometimes I would like to make things even better in my game. That’s what you can’t do without custom content: it gives you many more options when decorating lots for all kinds of Sims. The freedom that custom content gives you is simply amazing.

The good thing is that now I recolor a lot more than before. I’ve never realized I could use this or that object with new texture and make it look that great. It’s like magic!

I hope to download some CC this weekend and prepare for Generations. Although I loved my game “naked and bare”, I still much prefer it with more options that custom content gives me. 🙂

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