Here’s what I’ve fixed and found out

  • I reinstalled all my games and they worked fine.
  • No problems with installing Outdoor Living, which is great.
  • With no old Saves, Egypt runs fine.

What doesn’t work

  • After I recovered my old Saves (I have actually rewritten everything in the My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 folder), Egypt freezes like before. All my Sims are back, but Egypt just won’t run. That means there’s something in those files that makes the game freeze when I enter Egypt. I have no idea what it is. (No custom content installed.)
  • I tried to install custom content again. I feel really silly now because I haven’t done that in like three years, I was only adding more and more. So of course I wanted to check MTS how to do it all again and make things work, but they’re having a Maintaince Mode. Damn. So I looked at eHow, did what they said and — it doesn’t work! Damn.
  • EDIT: Oh, so there’s a new way to install custom content after your game was patched to version 1.12. Good to know! (I couldn’t load either, not only MTS at the moment I was trying to work things out.) I was doing it the old way, not putting all the files in My Documents. That’s because I remembered I did not have them there before. Oh well.

Now I’m not sure what to do. I could probably try to install all my custom content back, save some lots in Sunset Valley I really treasure and reinstall the games so Egypt works again. (I think I will do this.)

I could also try to delete my Saves and let the game create new Worlds again, but I’m not sure if the corrupted file that makes Egypt crash is located there… reinstalling again seems to be a safer option.

One last word: installing any the Sims games is a hassle. I’m seriously running out of patience. :(

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