Making Sunset Valley Late Night Friendly

Okay I’ve been playing Late Night for quite some time and I’m hooked. The gameplay is so alive and so full of new things that I’m positively overwhelmed. Bridgeport looks like the perfect city with skyscrapers and celeberities of all kinds. Things are shiny, going to bars is finally fun and meeting new Sims, too, especially if you’re a celeb. Apartments are to die for. I thought they would be much worse than the original version in TS2 Apartment Life, but I like the idea that you’re the only family in the building (well, you have neighbors, they have the door right next to you, but you can only ring the bell).

There are many things I really love: creating a band is fun but a lot of work (I’m getting very few gigs, why’s that? I think my Sims need to get more popular), the vamps are alluring and being a celebrity brings a lot of perks.

Right now though, I’m trying to make Sunset Valley more Late Night friendly. I’ve only had time to turn one community lot into waterhole, but I still need more dance clubs and lounges. This is going to take a lot of time. I plan to place them right where the Lofty Cerulean Blue Pool was (right next to the hospital) with a few residential lots that looked ugly anyways. I’m thinking of what style to build these as there’s not enough space for placing any skyscraper-ghost-buildings (and they even don’t fit Sunset Valley).

Any ideas?

Making Sunset Valley Late Night Friendly

Oh and have you seen the pigeons? Yay, they’re really cool. 😀 The first picture is really random. Don’t even ask about it. 🙂

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