Hey guys, it’s been a while, I know. Now let’s skip this part and get slowly back to were we’ve been, okay? 🙂

So, I finally have holidays (and work, but I have more time without school, that’s right) and I’ve been playing Ambitions just a little because I’ve noticed that my game is getting sort of slow and tends to lag a lot, which really bothers me. The game is not so much fun when the loading takes a lot of time and it sucks when you can’t even zoom properly.

I’ve decided to reorganize my Mods folder and basically everything I’ve downloaded so far. The thing is I’m going to try this tutorial–well, I already have, but then I changed my mind and decided to organize my folders first (it works BTW!).

I know that many people organize their Mods folder with the categories system like “Body Shop” or “Buy Mode”, but I’ve always found organizing by name of the artist/site somehow easier. There are exceptions, though–e.g. I have too many things from too many artists from Mod the Sims, so this is the only folder I organize by categories.

About six years ago, I was so crazy and obsessed with making my Downloads folder nice, neat and clean, but now I’m making things much more simple. Evolution, baby! The best way–at least for me–to organize my folders is like this:

  • Like I said, folders are organized by name of the artist.
  • Only hacks and default replacements have a special folder, because I need quick access to them when they’re updated.
  • I don’t rename any files as long as it’s not necessary–and I don’t care what the files are named like. Renaming takes a lot of time, that’s why I never do that.
  • I always save the files as .zip/.rar files. It’s much better than unpacked folders because you can automatically unpack all .zips into one folder (usually straight into the Mods folder), which saves a lot of time. There are no subfolders, pictures, text files or anything else than .package files in the .zips. I delete them as soon as I download something new. It saves some little space, but most importantly when you do some massive unzipping, there’s no clutter, only the stuff you need.
  • Pictures! They’re a must! Then I rename them with the same name as the .zip file. E.g. I have a .zip named “MTS_hack” and the picture for this download is named “MTS_hack”, too. It’s because when you browse the folders and organize them by name, they will show up as “pairs”, so you always know what’s inside the .zip. Also, when I want to delete something from my game quickly, I don’t have to enter every single .zip file to find out what’s inside. Simple.
  • One of the most important things is to convert all .sims3pack files to .package files. I use Delphy’s Sims 3 Pack Multi-Extracter to do this. (I’m sure you all know this nice little thingy.) We all know that .sims3pack files are a pain in the ass. And because I organize my folders about twice a year, it saves a lot of time to do it once than to do it always a milion times later.
  • Another thing I do is that I always delete files I know I will never use or simply don’t like. For example Around the Sims 3 has this cute laundry set, but I know I’ll never use the detergents, because they have a real-life logos, which I don’t like. If they were Simlish, I would keep them. Now I know I’ll never use them, so I just delete them from the set and I’ll never have to do that again.
  • When I’ll be done with downloading, I will use S3PE to merge all .package files in the folders into one single file (one file per one artist/site). That will make the loading faster and the game won’t lag anymore. (Tutorial here.)

Luckily, I don’t have too many downloads right now. I’m still about to do some huge downloading from about 3-5 sites. I’ve become the pickiest of the pickiest downloaders in the community, I believe. 😀

But now that I think about it, I didn’t have too much time for downloading since last October as I focused on playing more. It takes a lot of time to get things organized and put the files in the game and I didn’t want to buy the games and not play them at all… well, you get the point.

Here’s a small preview of my folders, I think it will make the “tutorial/confession” above much more clear.

Getting It Clean, Reorganizing My Mods Folder

Oh and I’ve noticed that Strange_tomato is also reorganizing her folders, I think she encouraged me a little, so thanks.

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