Animals Abound--New The Sims 3 Store SetI really think that something very serious must have happened to EA Games. In case you haven’t noticed, they’re actually releasing very good sets for The Sims 3.

Oh wait, it’s the crisis! I almost forgot. Or maybe not. (Today I bought a bag for my brother’s money and there’s no way I’m giving them back soon. Foolish me, I’ll have to figure out something… So, what’s your opinion on paysites?) Erm, I’m joking! Joking! Yes, my sarcasm somewhat comes up when I least expect it, but I think it’s just because I’m tired and this has been a hell of a bad day.

But tomorrow’s always better. Why? At least because you can start over again and make the first step with your right foot. And there’s a chance you’re going to play The Sims. And maybe even chance that you’re not as penniless as I am, so you can actually afford this awesome set.

Oh my, I love to ramble. But you’ve already noticed that, haven’t you? 😀

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