New Sets in The Sims 3 Store: Steampunk, Jet Set, Halloween, Regal Living & Victorian Clothes

The Sims 3 Store brings some new goodies, but before you scream with happiness, I’d like to tell you that some of the sets are rather costy. made some small counting and the Regal Set will cost almost 29 €/ 41,28 USD. Ouch. However, there are some really nice pieces that look worth it.

But the good new is that at least the Halloween set is for free! And the Steampunk set, which contains only 5 new items, will cost you only 325 SimPoints. I already bought it for my SimPoints which I got with my game. I’m really into Steampunk these days, so I couldn’t miss it.

There are also two new clothes sets. They look very plain and simple, but don’t underestimate them. I think Maxis should’ve made some better recolors, but the meshes look really neat. Especially the Victorian set looks great and I wouldn’t use it only for my old-fashioned Sims…

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