Pegy must be very proud. She’s managed to make the first hair mesh as a default replacement and now she offeres new hair meshes for females and one even for males. I’m astonished! I didn’t suppose it would take so little time to create first meshes for The Sims 3. Also, no annoying recolors since now you can make them in the game.

I’m very curious when TSR will update their The Sims 3 Workshop program for making things such as furniture. Hopefully soon. And then I hope that many objects we had in The Sims 2 will be available for the new game. If so, the game will be a blast!

Check out everything here!

UPDATE: HystericalParoxysm at MST has made two new custom hairs, too:

Ahh, finally something “real” for TS3. Patterns and recolors are ok-ish, but this is something exciting. 🙂
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